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Who are we

Founded in 2020, Fococlipping team is driven by advanced artificial intelligence, we aim to provide worldwide users with an easy and powerful background removal service based on the mission of "designed with the usage scenario.

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What are we doing

FocoClipping digs into the scenario of our users, we've developed features like single image background removal for portraits, products & graphics, and the bulk image removal service.

So far, we have provided professional and high-efficient background removal solutions for, eCommerce sellers, individuals, photographers, designers, marketers, and car dealers.

In the nearby future, we will cover more usage scenarios where our users need background removal services and put forward more functions to make a better service for worldwide users.

Our wishes

Combined with the actual usage scenario of different users, we provide the most effective and intelligent background removing service.

We also help designers and photographers get rid of the competitive background removal work so that they can focus on the creation and unleash their creativity.

We provide service for both individuals and corporations to help them simplify the workflow. Besides, we're planning to provide API and SDK solutions for global developers to let them enjoy the low-cost background removal integration in their apps.

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