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Powerful BG Remover to Erase Background

Make background transparent in 3 seconds


Advanced AI Algorithm

Trained by billions of real-world images, FocoClipping free background remover can automatically detect the foreground and clear background in just 3 seconds!

This bg remover has the precise recognition of portrait photos, product photos, and graphic photos. What's more, it can support deleting backgrounds of multi-people images and removing white backgrounds.


Superior Bulk BG Remover

Provides removing background over 30 + images at one time.

Process 1000+ images just at a cup of coffee time, then download them in batches by one click.

Good for e-commerce sellers, photographers, marketing designers to save more time & money.


Perfect Hair Cutout

As a dedicated online photo editor, FocoClipping can handle both hair root touch up and hair color touches up in detail.

With the hair touch-up tool, you will get the troubles of tricky hair tips gone automatically with 1 click!


Customized Web Graphic API

FocoClipping provides web API, mobile SDK, customized software plugins and other hardware solutions for e-Commerce sites, design projects and more computer appliance.

Simplify your workflow and improve efficiency with ease.

Remove Background in HD Quality

15 Mb Maximum image size
25 Mpx Maximum image resolution
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More Than Just Image Background Eraser

Complete online photo editor to perfect your photos

Change Background:1 click to do a photo background change with solid colors, preset background templates, or customized new backgrounds.
Cast Shadow:Quickly cast shadow by adjusting margin, blur and opacity so that the whole output image looks more real.
Add Outline:Change the outline size and pick the favorite outline color to make your Facebook and YouTube profile image more lively and unique.
Auto Filter:Specific filters for portrait and product images to enhance effect.
Crop Image:Easily crop photo or trim image to any size you wanted just with one click.
Undo/Redo:1 click to go back or forth if there are mistakes for your selections.
Refine Edge:Make the clipped image edge indulge into the matting of the background smoothly, so that it looks natural.
Define Edge:Work as a manual pen tool for complex images, precisely cut out image outlines in straight lines or curved lines.
Drag:Drag to move your “before” and “after” image on FocoClipping editor interface for a better preview.
Zoom in/Zoom out:Inspect the cut-out image details conveniently by scrolling the mouse in your hand, or click “zoom in/zoom out” button on the editor interface.
And More:Video background remover and more photo editor tools are coming on the way!

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Click the Upload Image button, drag or copy then paste your image to remove background from it

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FocoClipping will remove bg automatically once the photo is uploaded.

Download cutout image

Finally, download the cutout pictures with transparent backgrounds or white backgrounds with 1 click.

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