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remove background for photographers

Remove Background for Photographers

Spend more time on taking pictures rather than editing pictures

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Automatic Bg Remover

For many professional photographers, removing image background has always been a daily work. But since FocoClipping can erase picture background within 3 seconds, why waste time picking pixels? Save time and take more photos, and leave all the hard work to us!

Get Rid of Green Screen Instantly

With FocoClipping, you don't need to create a chromatic environment that perfectly matches the lighting conditions. Now take pictures where you are: in your messy house, in a noisy street, or even in the cloudy night sky, then use FocoClipping to remove the background and add a new customized background with no hassles.

Remove BG Now

Accelerate Your Workflow

With the batch image background remover and API integration of FocoClipping, you don't need to worry about the tedious and repetitive work of photo editing. Now leave more time for unlimited creativity.

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